A competitive edge for fund managers

Many fund managers in a region evaluate similar companies, talk to same LPs, and have similar operating processes. But only some become more successful than others. Why? Do you want to be among the leaders?

If yes, you’re in the right place. Capria Edge is a platform that equips fund managers to compete with their regional and global peers.

Evaluate your capabilities

Raising a fund is difficult. Building a top-tier investment firm is even harder. Excellence in investment management is a journey that requires constant learning, evolution, and improvement. To support fund managers on their journey to become top-tier players, we’ve developed Capria Edge. Our Fund Manager Evaluation you assess your capabilities & improve in these 5 key areas — 

What Capria Edge offers

Benchmark your position in areas critical to your success

From fundraising to best practices for operations — Capria Edge can enhance your skills to become a better fund manager.

Capria Application Process