Firm Quantum Report Overview of firm’s quantum scores

firm name Anchorless management Llc
Investment Region LatAm
Peer Group Second time fund managers
Fund Stage Fund Stage

Here is a summary of your self-evaluation scores across the 8 critical areas of your firm, and how these compare with “Your Goals” at current fund stage as well as next fund stage. This will help you to broadly understand what areas your firm is doing well in versus what areas you need to focus on next.

Note: “Your Goals” as determined by Capria—these are ratings at each sub-category and category that a fund manager at your current experience and stage should aim to achieve.

Quantum Performance Chart


Firm Scores summary

AveragePeter Findley
Team and Foundation Skills3.603.60
Finance and Operations0.000.00
Governance and Advisors0.000.00
Branding, Marketing and Business Development0.000.00
Fundraising and Investor Relations0.000.00
Pipeline Development and Investment Process0.000.00
Porfolio Management, Support and Returns0.000.00
Impact Management, Reporting and ESG0.000.00

Firm Section-wise Scores

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