Discovering your personal brand for Investors

What is personal branding?

“Personal branding” typically refers to the process of establishing and promoting what you stand for. A strong personal brand showcases your assets, cultivates your network and audience, attracts new people to your business and helps you pass online screenings. As an investor, think of your personal brand as the combination of skills and experiences that make you unique and differentiate you from comparable professionals in the industry.

Why is personal branding important for investors?

The reality is that most investors dread the idea of establishing themselves online. There’s the misconception out there that it requires learning how to code, build a website and/or hire an expensive web designer.

Building a website and complete online presence can be time consuming,and unfortunately this deters many investors from establishing a sufficient web presence.However, by ignoring their online reputation, many investors are essentially blocking themselves from upping their earning potential for themselves and their companies.

When discussing strategy behind personal branding,it comes as no surprise that the first question from our investor clients has to do with ROI. “What’s the return on the time and money that goes into building a strong personal brand online? How will this affect my bottom line?” These are both reasonable questions that we explore below.

Personal branding creates and strengthens opportunities for investors

An effective online presence strengthens your:

Credibility: No matter where you are in your career, or how you approach your work as an investor, your reputation and credibility will determine the scope of your next opportunity. By building a polished reputation online, you’re showing others the best sides of yourself. A well-curated reputation online demonstrates that you are more than capable at what you do, engaged in the current conversations in your field and as a thought leader. This sort of personal brand not only encourages new opportunities with people you haven’t met yet, but it reinforces the perception that people you already know have of you. Credibility is a must in any field, and investing is no different. By putting your best foot forward, you open yourself up to new opportunities just from credibility.

Network: As an investor, your network can potentially make or break your new ventures. Who you know is just as important as what you know when it comes to identifying and vetting investment opportunities, raising funds, getting advice and much more. Personal branding is an invaluable asset when it comes to cultivating and maintaining your professional ties.

Visibility: An effective personal brand not only highlights your successes, but it gets you in front of more people. By building out your personal brand online, your name and your work are essentially exposed to a broader audience. Exposure is a must when it comes to increasing your opportunities.

Fund-raising: If you are looking to recruit other investors for a potential project, your personal brand not only ensures them that you’re credible, but it also provides you a bigger pool of people to work with. By building an audience online, you are expanding your network and potential points of contact for new partners.

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